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8 finalists of Miss Trinidad & Tobago Universe 2011 chosen
8 finalists of Miss Trinidad & Tobago Universe 2011

Credit: Miss Trinidad & Tobago Universe.

  • Shinequa M. Francis
    Shinequa M. Francis
    would allow her the opportunity to play an integral part in dealing with issues within the society and around the world that hold a place in her heart…
  • La Tisha Hospedales
  • Greer Iton
    Greer Iton
    would like to display to the world the beautiful culture and country to which she belongs and use this as a platform to advocate against social issues that plague our country…
  • Renee Bhagwandeen
  • Cherrese K. De Abreau
    Cherrese K. De Abreau
    would allow her the opportunity to have her voice heard and allowing her to further lobby for positive change in Trinidad and Tobago…
  • Gabrielle Walcott
  • Kristy St. Rose
    Kristy St. Rose
    great opportunity for her to learn about the different cultures found around the world, and showcase our own…
  • Jesica Didier
    Jesica Didier
    provide the opportunity would allow her the ability to execute humanitarian work within her community, the region and the world at large…

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  1. DIOS Estas morenas una mas bella que otra.............pero la 1 sin cabello se ve expectacular y la 7 muy linda y ni se diga de la 8 muy muy linda....... ahhhhhhhhh no se diga mas de sus cuerpos

  2. todas estan muy buenas para ganar, si una d ellas no entra como ganadora al top 15 de mis universo no seq pasa, xq tiene rostro, cuerpo y aptitud, suerte a ellas... sin palabras